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  • “Before the vocals even begin; you can hear the passion coming from Hope Darling. When writing this review, we couldn’t help tapping our feet with the drum beat and imitating being on stage playing along on the piano in a storyteller’s episode. Incredible vocals in an incredible song.”

    ~ Highrise Productions

  • "The lyrics are sweet and it brings a smile to your face. This record provided great vocals and music leaving you to want to hear more... There are moments where you feel like the musician is speaking to you. After listening to this record the lyrics will still be flowing in your ears.”

    ~ Reverbnation

  • "You are about to listen, if you are not listening yet, to a very promising band from Tampa Bay. Their sound reminds me of many top selling bands, but with a personal touch..."

    ~ Insomnia Radio

Hope Darling is an alternative/modern rock band based in the Tampa Bay area. With musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from classical to blues to rock to reggae and hip-hop, Hope Darling combines the very best of alternative and modern rock while entertaining and captivating audiences with their sincerity and drive.

We are often asked how we came up with the band name HOPE DARLING, so here is the back story for those who dont know. When given the opportunity to name the band it was decided that we wanted something unique and special. However, Hope Darling is not just a name, Hope Darling is a daughter, a sister, a cousin, classmate, and a friend. Unfortunately Hope Darling passed away quite a few years ago. For those of us who knew her we have definitely missed her. We were told once by Hope's mom Deb Head and her brother Larry Darling that Hope loved music, so we are honored to have her name represent our musical project. Simply put we are a band of friends and family who share the same love for music, influenced by each of our own musical hero's, and are fortunate to have the opportunity to live a childhood dream. Along the way we have encountered great people, new friends,amazing musicians and reconnected with old friends. The band, and the music allows us to enjoy the youth we hold on to. Our main goals from the beginning was to be sure we enjoy the music we played, share a few laughs (and quite a few drinks) and always have fun doing it. Its been quite an experience in the few years we have been together as a band, and we plan to keep doing it.
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